Well, hello there!

I know I have neglected posting, but (as everyone says), I've been so busy.  Really, though, aren't we all?  I have a few minutes, so I wanted to pop in and post a few random thoughts.

1.  We have been consistently learning Latin this year!  Okay, I admit, I took a year in college, but I remember practically nothing!  We started out using Latin for Children, and though I am certain it is a fabulous program, it wasn't for us -- at least not at this stage.  I wanted a more gentle introduction, especially for Ben.  My goal is to have them comfortable with a foreign language to be able to study one in high school.  I really enjoyed the Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek program, so we are using their companion, Latin's Not So Tough series. It doesn't introduce terms such as accusative or genitive, but I know enough of that to teach the vocabulary correctly.  We also diagram many of our Latin sentences.  I'm really just thrilled with the slow approach and the review!

2.  I am loving my dry erase board again.  I have had a world map taped to it for the last few years, but I recently switched from teaching the boys' grammar, math, and Latin on paper to the white board again.  So, I bought a mega set of beautiful markers and a spray bottle of cleaner.  Teaching is so much more fun this way, and the boys love coming up to the board to diagram or solve a math problem!  I find it particularly helpful to write a Latin sentence on the board if either of the boys translates it incorrectly.  We can then slowly discuss, and we all benefit from the review!

3.  I bought two of these Backyard Safari Base Camp Expedition sets from B. J.'s Wholesale at the clearance price of $19.99.  The boys really enjoy them!  The tents are basically half-tents, but one wall is lined with pockets, and the set comes with a nice lantern, some netting, and non-functioning binoculars (according to Nathan).  I also bought these camouflage sheets to add to their fort-building experience.

5.  We have been reading through an older history book titled Machines and Men Who Made the World of Industry by Gertrude Hartman (my edition was published in 1939).  I love finding these out-of-print books that are such a joy to read!  It is lining up perfectly with our Story of the World chapter on the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution!

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