Papa Haydn's Surprise!

Papa Haydn's Surprise: The Life and Times of Haydn Set to Music by Ann Rachlin was surprisingly wonderful!  My ten-year old son exclaimed twice while listening to is, "This is really interesting, Mom."  This audio download (which I copied to a CD and played in the van) presents a biography of Haydn along with stories of some of his most notable pieces all narrated by Ann Rachlin while Haydn's music plays in the background.  Oh, and see how cute the vintage recording is!

These are very similar to the Classical Kids audio presentations but, in my opinion, less involved and chaotic due to fewer sound effects and characters.

According to her website (http://www.annrachlin.com/), "Ann held her popular Fun With Music sessions in London for forty years where thousands of children from all walks of life, representing more than 24 nationalities, were introduced to the wonders of classical music through her imaginative storytelling set to the music of the great composers."

This recording about Franz Joseph Haydn is simply one of many of her recordings in this series. Since we are studying the Classical Music composers Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven this year, I ordered the following:

Papa Haydn's Surprise
Mozart the Miracle Maestro
Happy Birthday, Mr. Beethoven

I also ordered the ones pertaining to our Baroque music study last year to listen to in our free time because we enjoyed the Haydn one so much.

Mr. Handel's Fireworks Party
Once Upon The Thames
Mr. Handel's Fireworks Party
Seasons' Greetings from Vivaldi

You can hear samples of each here.  You can also see the many other musical story recordings she offers.


Michele said...

Ohhh, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Is it geared for older elementary? Would it interest younger kids?

Dawn said...

My boys, 10 and almost 12 enjoyed it as did I. It would definitely work for younger kids -- even 5 year olds. :)