Multiplication / Times Tables Resources

I was searching for a favorite multiplication or times table chart to print out for my youngest to consult when he is frustrated.  He still has difficulty memorizing them, and though we are working on securing them to memory, this chart helps him when he is stumped during a long multiplication problem.  I thought I would share some of my favorites.

12x12 with apple decor
12x12 color with safari theme
12x12 simple black and white
12x12 pastel with stars

10x10 with various animals
10x10 with various animals (blanks to fill in)
10x10 simple black and white

9x9 simple black and white

Facts listed by factors rather than grid

WorksheetWorks.com is my favorite multiplication drill worksheet creator!

While you are waiting for those math facts to stick, play Timez Attack for free.

If you are looking for other online games which reinforce multiplication, here are some suggestions:

Solo Games
Multiplication Station (Easy)
Multiplayer Games (you play against other people online)

You can find many, many more at www.multiplication.com.

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