Monet: Water Lilies Art Project

So, we've been studying Impressionism starting with Claude Monet (remember, my Impressionist Artists Study can be downloaded here).

After reading several books and watching a few videos about him and his art, I decided today was a good hands-on day.  Ben and I tend to enjoy crafty things in our free time, but I don't schedule enough of this artistic time into the school day.

Today was an exception.  We followed an art project from pp. 50-51 of The Usborne Art Treasury.

We all had so much fun.  I just love projects with tissue paper!  We also used Modge Podge Sparkle to give it a shimmery effect  Sure, Monet didn't create art with tissue paper and glue, but that's okay. :)




PS.  Thanks to http://satorismiles.com/ for blogging about this project.  It inspired us!


Michele said...

Lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - Love your blog! I found you when searching for art pages but loved reading through your blog! My daughter is 10 and we just started with IEW so it was fun revisiting the pill bug and sea snakes!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much, Sara! I see you have a blog as well which I plan to browse. I also see you too are in the Tidewater, VA area!