I have to recommend these magazine holders!

We've been working on organizing and redecorating the boys' playroom.  The boys have oodles of Playmobil and Lego magazines which had been stored in Sterilite drawers.  I wasn't happy with this solution (frankly, we needed the drawer space for Legos), so I searched www.amazon.com and found with these.

I am thrilled with them.  They lie rather flat against the wall as opposed to many of the racks I considered and are much less expensive than the comparable wooden ones. Each slot holds 25-30 Lego magazines.

Wall Magazine Rack - Mesh Basket Ladder (Silver) (37 1/4"H x 10 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D)

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Hen Jen said...

I like the mesh look of these, thanks for sharing...I need to re-do my boy's room :)