I. E. W.'s Student Writing Intensive A -- samples

I finally chose a writing program that excites me -- Student Writing Intensive -- Level A by the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Both the boys adore Andrew Pudewa! Nathan is a natural writer who could use some practice in more expository writing, while Ben is a reluctant writer very much in need of a highly-structured writing program.  While Nathan works nearly independently, I am next to Ben every step of the way.  I thought I would share our first two writing assignments with my readers.  Below are the assignments "Sea Snakes," "Tarantulas," and "Pillbugs."



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Dee said...

Awesome writing! We are using IEW for the first time this year. We are using SWI-C for our 11th grader and All Things Fun and Fascinating for our 5th grader. I feel the same way, that finally I have found a program that makes some sense and seems orderly!

Great work!