Seed & Germination Review

So, we've been actually using a science textbook, Exploring Creation with Botany (which I bought here), for the first time, and I have to say I really like it.  It has a very conversational tone, which I appreciate, yet still presents necessary vocabulary and information.  I also bought the corresponding, pre-assembled botany lab kit from the same place.  Yes, you can gather the items yourself for quite a bit less, but I spent so much time planning over the summer that it was freeing to just buy the kit and go.  I have to admit it has made our year easier so far.

We finished Lesson 2 on seeds today, but I felt my boys (and I) needed extra review because the germination process is rather complicated, and the vocabulary is plentiful.

Worksheet #1
The other day, the boys completed this labeling exercise from a workbook I own:
Worksheet # 2
Everyday, we review what three things are necessary for a seed to germinate (warmth, moisture and air).  We also review daily the parts of a seed and the germination process.  After Googling for great seed photos, I found the most helpful website to be http://www.biology-resources.com.  I copied two photos from this website into word and added labeling lines.  You can download a blank copy here.

Here is a completed sample:

Activity #1:
I soaked two bean seeds over night and gave one to each of the boys today.  With a magnifying glass, we were able to remove the testa and clearly see the plumule, radicle, and cotyledons.  They also drew pictures of a monocot (corn) and dicot (bean).

Activity #2:
The boys then traced the germination process with resources from Ellen McHenry's Germination Stencils project.  I did not want to deal with making stencils, so the boys used a light box (one of my most favorite homeschooling items!) to trace the one she provides and color it with colored pencils.  We are including these in our lapbook from Knowledge Box Central.  I will show lapbook samples once we have completed Lesson 5.

Videos # 1-3
In conclusion, we watched the fabulous time-lapse videos from here.


mommygirl @ HCA said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing! We'll be doing God's Design for Plants this spring and I think your helpful post is going to come in quite handy. Thanks again! :o)

Julie said...

Awesome videos! It has inspired me to think a little different every week with science, and hopefully I will find some more videos on whatever we are studying! Youtube is really helpful.