Another Scholastic recommendation!

I cannot believe I overlooked this.

Hands on History -- American Revolution from Scholastic.  Click here to order it from Amazon.

It is an incredible book with lots of fun printables/paper crafts.

I am actually centering my entire American Revolution study around it. Twelve dominoes serve as the framework for this book signifying the domino effect which led to the Revolution.  I am using this book along with The American Revolution (History Comes Alive Teaching Unit, Grades 4-8) to spend quite a bit of time on the Revolution this year.  In fact, we'll start in a few days, and I plan to blog about it.

I'm trying to blog about everything we're using throughout the week to give reviews and recommendations.

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Mary said...

I have the second book - I got it for only $1 when Scholastic was having their Dollar Days sale!