Third day down -- Post # 1

Well, okay, we still have to listen to our Latin chants, and the boys have to correct their math problems. Today was more challenging because the boys also had piano lessons. I thought I would share a little more about how our day goes.

Their day starts with some time to play followed by eating breakfast while completing their independent work. I'll share our resources for this.

Independent Work

1. Logic
Daily, they complete one page from this book: MindWare Grid Perplexors: Level A. To mix things up a bit, I'll alternate with Logic Liftoff every other week.


2. Daily Grams
This is one program I have used since practically the beginning. It is one of my most often recommended resources. Each lesson consists of six parts; the first two sentences always involve correcting capitalization and punctuation. The last is always a lesson in sentence combining. The other three vary, presenting the student with practice in analogies, parts of speech, letter writing, dictionary skills, homophones, etc. I am using Daily Grams: Grade 5 - Student Workbook and Daily Grams: Grade 6 - Student Workbook this year. I choose not to buy the teacher edition but opt for the consumable student edition. I find it simple enough to Google if I have a question about something (usually regarding punctuation of titles).


3. Megwords
Some days, their spelling can be completed independently. I have tried several spelling programs over the last eleven years and have finally found one that doesn't seem so random. Always start with Decoding, Spelling, and Understanding Multisyllabic Words: Syllable Types and Syllabication Rules (Megawords, Book 1) and always buy the coordinating teacher's guide (in this case, Megawords 1 SET - Student and Teacher's Guide). I am using Level 2 this year. It teaches spelling by introducing syllable types and rules that correlate with them. For more information, visit their home page.

4. Geography
For now, the boys complete one short exercise from Comic-Strip Map Skills, Grades 4-8. While I would never buy this book for the cartoons, it provides a variety of mapping skills to practice including: latitude and longitude, cardinal directions, map keys and symbols, using a scale, reading political, historical, and physical maps and lots more!

5. Saxon Math
I hand-pick problems for the boys to complete from their text book. The do these during their independent work, and then I teach the lesson later in the day. They then practice the new concept. I have found this to be a great way to break up their math lesson. I am currently using Saxon Math 65: An Incremental Development Complete Student Edition and Math 76: An Incremental Development.


Sentence Diagramming
I use Rod and Staff English for grammar. Currently, I am using English 5: Following the Plan and English 6: Progressing with Courage. Some lessons include a lot of diagramming while other lessons lack it all together. I have found that a little daily practice helps, so during the weekend, I type up a total of 15 sentences (3 for each day) from their lessons for them to work on throughout the week.

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