Book Recommendation -- Peter the Great by Diane Stanley

You must, must read Peter the Great -- especially if you are studying world history!  This is one of my absolute favorite history reads this year.  If you are familiar with Diane Stanley, then you know you're in for a treat.  Seriously, the illustrations are amazing, the book reads so smoothly, and it is packed with such interesting information about such an amazing -- such a GREAT person!

For more information told by an equally amazing author, read the pages about Peter the Great from The World of William Penn by Genevieve Foster.  No study of world history is complete without her books!  I enjoyed everything about this book.  In addition to learning about William Penn, you learn about the world in which he lived and the following notable people:

Marquette and Jolliet (French explorer)
La Salle (French explorer)
King Louis XIV
Shah Jahan (Mogul emperor)
Aurangzeb (Mogul emperor)
Sir Isaac Newton
Edmund Halley
Robert Boyle
K'ang-Hse (Manchu emperor)
Peter the Great (Tsar of Russia)

Finally, to top it off and just for fun, watch the Time Warp Trio episode "What's So Great about Peter."


Michele said...

Sounds good - thanks for the tips!

Chelle said...

This is our next read aloud - thanks, really appreciate your blog post!