The Beadboard Headboard my Husband Made

I just love the beadboard headboard John made for our room!

 Making the frame

Deciding where to put it

Drilling holes to mount on the wall with toggle bolts

Showing the back

Mounting to the wall

Here it is -- mounted!

John puttied the holes, touched up the paint and added a ledge and moulding.

I just love it!  Thanks, John


Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

That's lovely! I'm a lover of all things beadboard, and he did a great job!

Lasso the Moon said...

I'm showing this to my husband today, since this is just what I was thinking about for us. Thanks for sharing!

Rita Redmond said...

Looks really nice. What type of finish piece did you put on the very top to make it look so good ?

Dawn said...

Thanks, Rita! My husband says the top piece is a 1x4 ripped down to 2.5 inches, and under that is a piece of quarter-round.

Rita Redmond, P.E.I. said...

Thanks for the reply-hope to try making one! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have the plans on how to make this?

Paul Walters said...

Do you have a material list of the stock you used to build this headboard? pauliewalters@gmail.com

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

queen size

1-1x4x8 (both sides can be cut from an 8' piece)
1-1x4x8 (top ledge, ripped to two and a half inches)
1-1x4x10 (both horizontal pieces cut from this)
70 inches (approx.) large quarter round
1-4x8 sheet of beadboard
4 metal angle plates (4 " I think)
flat head wood screws to mount angle plates
4-large toggle bolts (used to mount to wall)

c70 said...

Does the top shelf extend beyond the end posts?

Dawn said...

Yes, the moulding extends it out some, and the top shelf a bit more -- about an inch all around.

Dee said...

Do you have an estimate of total cost to build this?

Matthew said...

Beadboard is a classic wall paneling commonly associated with New England and Cape Cod-style houses and country decor. While its standard use is as wainscoting (e.g., below a chair rail), its availability in tongue-and-groove sections, or as a sheet good material, makes it perfect for a variety of DIY-friendly projects


Antar Chakma said...

The beadboard white true panel is such a gorgeous variety of applications around the home. This panel is look like a real beadboard. I love your design, this is so lovely.