7 Gypsies Take Note Acrylic Stamp Set -- Give-Away!

I don't normally get very personal on my blog, but I wanted to say a few things.

I have been feeling so very fortunate lately.  Feeling -- keep that word in mind.  Trust me, there are times when things seem so dark that I honestly don't think I can see my way through.  There are times when I feel like everything is falling apart.  Feel -- did you catch that?  Right now, I cannot understand how I can ever think things are so bad.

I'm guessing we all go through these highs and lows.  Perhaps I, being such a passionate person, a person who feels very deeply, experience this more.  I don't know.  My husband and younger boys are similar to me, so you can imagine what things are like around here when everyone is feeling low or negative.

The other night, I lay in my bed thinking how fortunate I was to have a bed, and a room, and a house.  You may be thinking it's only because I adore the way our room looks now.  Nope.  I've had this welling up of thankfulness before even with the ripped up carpet, the smell of mildew, the carpet stains, the broken closet door, and so on.  I've had this feeling after returning to our small (in comparison) home after visiting a substantially larger home.

See, it really isn't about feelings.  The truth of the matter is, I am always fortunate to have a bed, a room and a house.  Sometimes, I think it is the moment that I lose sight of this reality and this appreciation that I become hardened to all that is wonderful in my life.  And that takes me back to those dark times.  Perhaps when all I allow myself to see are the "don't haves," I become hardened to what I do have.  Sometimes it's tempting to just compare your relationships, your things and yourself to others'.

I am not denying that times can be tough, and I really don't think mine have ever been that horrible.  I'm certainly not asking to experience any worse.  But, I hope that when the darker days come, I can convince myself to focus on what I do have.

I have a husband who truly loves me and gives me so very much.  I have bright, creative, kind boys.  I have a caring, giving family.  We have all of our material needs cared for (mostly thanks to my hardworking husband).  We have a clean, cozy, lovely home and gardens John and I made together.  I have so many interests and time to pursue them.  I am able to home educate my boys.  Honestly, there is nothing I want more than to do this.  We are all in good health.  I have friends both in "real life" and in the cyberworld.  I trust in Jesus, my Redeemer.

So, in celebration for feeling thankful, I want to give away this stamp set to someone!  I will randomly select a winner on Friday, February 25th at noon.  So, leave a comment here before then, and you will be entered!


MissMOE said...

You're so right--it's always perception!

~Cheryl said...

I totally agree with you, too! Life is as wonderful as you make it! You have to be appreciative for each thing that God has blessed you with. :)

Katrina said...

Thank you, it's always nice to be reminded of what we are truly thankful for!

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

It's so true! I'm thankful for what we have as others may not. Thanks for reminding us that we're also not alone.

Rebecca said...

what a wonderful post! thanks for sharing, it really made me smile :-)

Tess said...

so true Dawn. Thanks for sharing, I miss talking to you!