Bedroom Makeover!

My husband and I (okay, at this point mostly my husband) have spent our January so far remodeling our bedroom.  You cannot image how horrible it was!  We had experienced a water leak which mildewed the carpet, so John had to cut some of the carpet away from the wall.  It remained that way for months.

Oh, and the walls -- they were in such desperate need of painting.  The closet doors -- the original funky bamboo accordion doors -- were broken so that anyone could see its contents.  The ceiling, like all our other ceilings, was cracking.  The original aluminum windows were corroded and just plain nasty.

So, while John was doing the unappealing tasks like installing new windows, texturing and painting the ceiling, painting the walls, installing laminate flooring, assembling IKEA wardrobes, setting up a treadmill, and mounting a flat-screen television to the wall above the treadmill, I was . . .

shopping!  Shopping for bedding, curtain fabric, wall art, vases, flowers, items to make a swag lamp, etc.  I still have much to do, and I plan to share photos of everything including some directions for the things we made ourselves.

Oh, I forgot -- I was sick for nearly two weeks -- most of it while John was doing all of the above.  So, the only photos I have of the "before" were taken by Ben.  I will leave you with the flooring photos.  The walls and trim were already painted at this point.




This photo is probably more color-true due to better lighting.

The flooring is Pergo Cottage Maple from Home Depot.
Wall paint is Behr "Swiss Coffee (1812)."  The trim paint is Behr "Sandstone Cove" (730C-2).

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Theresa said...

Love the flooring!! Can't wait to see the rest!

I love redecorating!