Japanese Art History Study

I stumbled upon this study which targets high school students, though I think it can be used with middle school and younger.  It is titled "A Case Study of Tokugawa Japan through Art: Views of a Society in Transformation."

To access the main page, click here.  I will give a quick overview of what this section offers.

Teachers should read the background information on this page.  View the lesson here.  Essentially, the student will learn about social and economic changes in Japanese society during the Tokugawa period by studying woodblock prints by Hiroshige.  The student will make inferences about society based on these art images.  This study provides the images, handouts and an answer key.

The entire lesson (excluding the images which can be found on the main page) can be downloaded in pdf format here.

You will find similar resources for other time periods in Japan's history.  Access the home page with other time periods here.

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