Organizing My Bookmarks -- Sharing Random Finds

I am taking a few minutes to put recently bookmarked links into their appropriate folders, so I thought I would share them with you!

Genetics Resources

This is actually a teacher's packet about biodiversity, but I really like their genetics resources.  You can also find online games for the same resource here.  Both are World Wildlife Fund projects.

Here is another interactive game, Genetics Kids Style.

Though this teaching packet is intended to accompany a film, it works great as an independent resource.  You will find worksheets and activities.

A hands-on heredity unit can be downloaded here.  It includes a family tree activity using one trait that the student chooses.  The best part of this unit is the "Alien Genetics Activity" which "gives students the chance to construct a model “alien” with hereditary traits following classical or Mendelian genetics."

Crafts for Studying Japan

Yamaha Motor company is offering some wonderful crafts for your Japan study.  Just click here for the Seasons series.  I especially like the spring craft seen here:

Arts and Crafts -- One of the Best I've Found
We have completed several arts and crafts from this fabulous website while studying Japan, but they have plenty to offer for the following themes as well:
  • garden
  • owl
  • tree
  • geography
  • space
  • pioneer
  • birds
  • patriotic
  • ocean
  • Native Americans
High School Teacher's Website -- Biology

Mr. Patterson offers wonderful resources for Honor's Biology.  You'll find worksheets and informative links.

Middle School Science

This website is a gold mine of resources for chemistry, earth science, life science and physics.  You'll find teaching, printables, labs and more!

Japanese Fairy Tales Audio Downloads

As you know, we've been studying Japan while reading our way through Story of the World, Volume 3.  I downloaded this collection of Japanese fairy tales from http://www.librivox.org/.  You will find hundreds of great downloads for both children and adults here.

Free Vermeer and Delft Computer Wallpaper

You can download twelve high-quality wallpapers for your computer here.

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