Pop-up Bunraku Theatre Scene and The Master Puppeteer

We have been reading The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Patterson.  Amazon's product review reads:
Who is the man called Sabura, the mysterious bandit who robs the rich and helps the poor? And what is his connection with Yoshida, the harsh and ill- tempered master of feudal Japan's most famous puppet theater? Young Jiro, an apprentice to Yosida, is determined to find out, even at risk to his own life.
Meanwhile, Jiro devotes himself to learning puppetry. Kinshi, the puppet master's son, tutors him. When his sheltered life at the theater is shattered by mobs of hungry, rioting peasants, Jiro becomes aware of responsibilities greater that his craft. As he schemes to help his friend Kinshi and to find his own parent, Jiro stumbles onto a dangerous and powerful secret....
We are enjoying the book, though I must confess some of the theatre scenes are a little drawn-out. I think the book could be just as effective if the scene detail were more limited.

This project from the website http://www.ellenjmchenry.com/ serves perfectly as a visual reminder of the puppet scenes.  To download the instructions and files click here.



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Sebastian said...

These are nice. Thanks for the pointer.