Worms and Vermicomposting for Teachers

I have been cleaning out my homeschool files, and I thought I would start sharing some of those resources I have filed away.

These are lesson plans I have found regarding vermicomposting -- composting with worms.

This is a really well-done unit including a study of the earthworm's anatomy:

Here is a nice brochure giving the basics.

Here is a Vermicomposting Guide for Teachers.

and another one here. It includes worm experiments.

And finally, there is this guide titled Red Worms in the Classroom.

 Here is a wonderful website about worms.

A great worm anatomy worksheet in MS Word format can be downloaded here.  A dissection worksheet can be downloaded here.  And an online quiz from the same website can be taken here.

I just love this website The Adventures of Herman the Earthworm and this one on Yucky Discovery.

See how an earthworm moves here.

You can follow a Virtual Earthworm Tour here.

And to finish things off, here is a free worm lapbook.


Robert said...

Great Resources. Which link do your kids like the most?

my5wolfcubs said...

Thanks for these links! We plan to start vermicomposting soon!