Vendela in Venice -- A Great Read!

I have been collecting resources for our first few weeks of homeschooling, and I've spent part of the weekend looking through our read-aloud books for science, history, artist study and composer study. I just love this part of homeschooling -- learning along with the boys!

So, I was trying to figure out how much time I wanted to devote to reading about Venice since we are studying Vivaldi this year. The Classical Kids teacher's guide for Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery (which you can and sample here) stresses the fact that V stands for Vivaldi, Violin and Venice. After reading that, I decided I wanted to spend a little time learning about Venice. We have encountered the importance of Venice several times when studying Marco Polo, the Renaissance, and this year Monteverdi and Vivaldi.

One book I have considered is Vendela in Venice.  I have really enjoyed reading it so far.  I have been learning so much about its culture, history, art, food, transportation, architecture, etc.  I highly recommend it as either a tie-in to art or history studies or as a general read-aloud.

Here are some nice outline maps to use for mapping Venice.   Here is a Venetian canal and gondola art activity to do  and here is an example of a Venetian Carnaval mask we will make. Print out the gondola here.

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my5wolfcubs said...

We *loved* this book! We read it with FIAR's Papa Piccolo. I think the author has a nature book about the seasons also. I will have to check the library again...now that I live in an area that HAS seasons! :)