Quick pictures of homeschooling stuff

These are just quick photos of how I store the homeschooling resources we are currently using.  The shelf on the left holds resources we use all year through including my tabletop organizer.

The binders include the following:

1. Recommended resources:  This is where I keep books, movies and other resources I hope to buy one day or borrow from the library.  It also keeps lists of items we own within series I am collecting.  There are dividers which keep math resources from language arts, etc.

2. Graphic Organizers/Notebooking/Lapbooking:  This binder holds general forms to use when lapbooking and notebooking.

3. Vertebrates - Nathan and Vertebrates Ben:  These binders hold all papers the boys have created related to our vertebrate study for science.  We are finishing up this month.  Next fall, they will have earth science and astronomy binders instead.

4. Story of the World Completed: This binder holds their completed SOTW work for the year, separated by a divider.  It also holds our ongoing explorer lapbook resources which will be completed soon.

5. Story of the World Plans:  I keep five chapters' worth of materials in this binder as a way of staying on top of history.  There are five tabbed dividers which keep the materials separated by chapter.  Within each divider are: reading list, mapping exercise, any additional resources to use.

6. Science Current:  This binder holds all of my resources for the year's science unit including reading list, websites, and other resources to use.

7. Completed Work -- Nathan and Completed Work -- Ben:  I keep the following (separated by dividers) in these binders (all pertaining to the current year only): spelling tests, grammar tests, math tests, writing (outside of history and science), and art/music.

8. Math Lesson Plans -- Ben:  This is the last year for a binder like this as Ben will move from Saxon worksheets to the Saxon textbook.

9.  My Binder:  I keep the following in this binder: Science Resource Log and History Resource Log (I enter in every book we read for these subjects).  Artist Study and Art (I keep notebooking pages to use and a list of books we read in this section), and Music (I keep a copy of all piano lesson receipts and recital dates here.  I also keep the teacher's current newsletter in here.  Finally, I have composer notebooking sheets in this section).  

On the front of the binder, in the sleeve, is a school year calendar.

The canvas bins sit next to the sofa and hold current poetry, chapter book, artist, science and history read alouds.


Mary said...

What do you keep in all the binders?

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

A woman after my own heart -- I love binders and bins as organization systems!

Anonymous said...

Your organization skills make me sick.

nestof3 said...

Why thank you, John. I know you love how organized our house is. :)