Ahhh, a GREAT www.paperbackswap.com day!

I received the following four books today.  Nathan has already begun reading the Queen Zixi one; this is one of the only L. Frank Baum he hasn't read.  Out of curiosity, I checked today to see how many books I've received from PBS since joining in March 2009.  The number is 391!

Queen Zixi of IX or the Story of the Magic Cloak (L. Frank Baum)

Knights (Usborne Beginners)

Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln (Jean Fritz)

Explorers Wanted in the Jungle

I also received another out-of-print book I ordered, Corvus the Crow from the "Out of the Pond" series by Franklin Russell written in 1972.  This completes my set of the trilogy.  The other two titles are: Lotor the Raccoon, and Datra the Muskrat.

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