38 Random Things about Me in honor of me turning 38 today

(Warning: these are neither deep nor in any particular order).

1. Despite the disclaimer, I’m having a really hard time choosing the first one.

2. This is my 11th year of home educating.

3. I buy flowers at 50% off at Kroger. I buy the cheap bouquets with lots of carnations, and they last for a couple of weeks or more.

4. I am allergic to chemical sunscreens.

5. I hate rain. I think it should only rain at night.

6. I watch You’ve Got Mail once a year with my husband.

7. I wear a size 7.5 shoe. I am NOT telling you my waist size. LOL

8. I’ve requested that "My Jesus, I Love Thee" be played at my funeral.

9. Give me the mountains over the beach any day.

10. I wear a night guard because I grind my teeth.

11. Give me spring and fall and get rid of summer and winter (except for on Christmas).

12. I am a hygrometer. My hair can prove it.

13. I loathe wet dish towels and go through several a day.

14. I love bird watching. I adore hummingbirds.

15. I loathe mosquitoes, but they relish me.

16. I suffer from Rosacea. Just when I learned to be happy about my fair skin, too.

17. Flower gardens make me happy. I love seeing the perennials resurfacing every spring.

18. I have read Nectar in a Sieve twice. It’s the only book I’ve read more than once.

19. I actually enjoy vacuuming. Such satisfaction!

20. I think it’s fun to organize.

21. I love labels.

22. I despise clutter. “A home for everything and everything in its place” is my motto.

23. I’ve always been this way.

24. I like making to-do lists; I love crossing items off and throwing away the list even more.

25. I cry very easily – especially when I talk.

26. I often cry at the end of children’s biographies. Some recent: Galileo, Queen Elizabeth and Martin Luther.

27. I suffer from hyperhidrosis. It’s so annoying.

28. I am a stamp, border punch and patterned paper addict.

29. I take a probiotic every day.

30. I brew my cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

31. I enjoy British period films.

32. I still love reading picture books.

33. I attended Virginia Tech where I majored in English and minored in religion. I focused on Renaissance literature. I failed freshman calculus the first time.

34. My favorite get-away includes a cabin, hiking, and sitting in front of a fire eating wine and cheese/crackers with my husband.

35. I am a very passionate person. This can be wonderful or horrible.

36. Cats are my favorite pet.

37. I find critters fascinating – especially snakes.

38. I have very sensitive hearing. This is almost always horrible.

** Thanks, Kelli Crowe, for the inspiration to make this list.  It was fun.


LaughingLioness said...

Great list, Dawn! Happpy Birthday! And I love the pics you've put up of yourself. You look so happy!

Mama said...

I would like to take this opportunity to stop being a creepy anonymous blog reader and say hello, and happy birthday. Also, I love your blog, and all the crafty cards you make.