My Valentine's Day Bouquet from Nathan

So, we were in San Diego watching the History Channel in the hotel room.  Not having television reception at home means my boys are not often wooed by advertisements.  Not so in a hotel.  Modern Marvels was so much fun to watch, but the Pro Flowers ads called to Nathan like a siren from The Odyssey.  He was determined to surprise me with a deluxe bouquet for Valentine's Day.  He whispered his plans to John throughout the hotel room, and they agreed to order them upon our arrival home.  He wanted to order them at midnight as soon as we walked in the house, but he was persuaded to wait until the following day.

Nathan entered the company's url on John's laptop, chose his floral assortment with vase and extras, and bookmarked it for John.  All John had to do was confirm the order.  He kept clicking through screens expecting to see a total until at last, the order was placed, and he still had no idea how much he had spent.  So, he checked his email, knowing he would receive an order confirmation.  $72.59.  Yep, quite an expensive assortment when they had agreed upon a $24.99 item.  Nathan did not realize that he had chosen the two dozen assortment.  John called them, desperately trying to cancel the order, but it was not possible.  John was overwhelmed at having spent so much on flowers, Nathan was sad that I overheard him talking to Pro Flowers, and I felt guilty that all of the fuss was over me.

Delivery was scheduled for February 12.  They did not come; nor did they arrive on Saturday.  On Valentine's Day, Nathan dialed John's cell phone and pleaded with him to get a multicolored assortment from the store while he was out picking up pizza.  Surprisingly, he did.  $21.99 for 6 roses.  GASP!

The Pro Flowers order did arrive on Monday.  UPS had encountered a snow delay in Maryland.  I phoned hoping to receive some sort of discount since the roses had spent a few of their days in a UPS truck.  For privacy reasons, I was not allowed to discuss the order, but they did say they would either ship a new batch or discount the shipping.  John called them when he came home from work.  They had already shipped another order.  He told them they could cancel the new order and perhaps just give a shipping discount. 

Then . . . the service representative announced that she would refund the entire order amount.  Double GASP!  I received my second bouquet on Wednesday.

So, I received 54 roses, a small box of chocolates and a teddy bear for $21.99.  The card read, "Multi colors for multi kind of love."


The Kings daughter said...

Aaww..that's so sweet of Nathan. It must have been quite an ordeal though. "All's well that ends well." The roses are beautiful!

Heather said...

Oh, Dawn - you are so blessed! That is a sweet story that your family will talk about for years and years to come. . . .

HeatherH (from the WTM boards)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Awww... that is so sweet! :) (I am so glad they got their money back for that other one!)


Katie said...

Awww! How sweet!! Good job, Nathan!