I am sick with a cold and tired, but

I thought I'd post two layouts I made this week.  I spent today making last-minute Valentine's Day cards and stuffing little gift bags with goodies.  I made homemade bread and beef vegetable soup with turnips and potatoes for dinner.  Right now I am feeling very foggy and just need to go to bed.  Good night.

PS.  I am loving my new HP Photosmart printer.  It's been great being able to print my own photos in my own size at the last minute.


Sara Daniel said...

Dawn, my goodness! I just checked out your blog for a quick minute and I definitely plan to stop by again. Your gardens are GORGEOUS!! I'm so amazed by women like you who create beauty inside their homes and out! Dinner sounds delicious ... homemade bread and beef veggie soup with turnips and potatoes ... mmmm. Your boys and men are very blessed to have you in their lives! Great stuff on your blog. I love the printable monogram circles and doilies. Love the card you made too!

nestof3 said...

Thank you, Sara!