Printed my own photos tonight

My honey agreed that buying a photo printer would be a great thing, so I ordered an HP Photosmart on Friday, it was delivered on Saturday, and I was able to play with it tonight.

It took me forever to work with Photoshop Elements 5 -- yes, I've been putting it off. I finally figured out how to crop and print. LOL

Once I printed the photos, the rest of the layout was a breeze.

These are Lego Mechs my eldest, Aaron, made four years ago. The space that looks white is actually distressed grid paper from a free 2peas digital kit. It just doesn't show up in the scan.


Katie said...

Hey, nice Aaron! That looks great Mrs. Keckley! The pics are so clear.

Oldest of many said...

Nice Mrs. Keckley! I love having a printer, they are so helpful. Those are pretty good Aaron!.