Here's a Great Art Resource!

Download this pdf file!

It lists picture books according to:

1. media (ex. charcoal, collage)
2. element (ex. line, shape)
3. style (ex. impressionism, cartoon)

It also includes a list of picture books about art museums and photography.

Here is another one by the same person: Seeing the World through Art

I really need to work on my own list, because we've been reading a lot of books this year with great art work. I try to always discuss the sort of art work in the book with my boys, and I've noticed they really pay attention to it.

So, there's one of my plans for the year -- to track the art work in various history and science picture books we use. We've found great ones during our Mayan/Aztec/Incan study using papercrafting, and today we read a book using acrylics and colored pencils!

A fabulous book to buy which includes hands-on art projects copying styles, techniques, elements, etc. from great picture books can be bought here

Here's another great article about this same thing including more examples: here

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