Just another reason I am glad I homeschool

Obama Proposes Longer School Day

Seriously? Children need to be in school longer? Nope. Not here. It takes us about four hours. Four hours to homeschool two children (one in third; one in fourth).

Today, our school included:

science (monotremes)
history (Ferdinand Magellan)
art appreciation

oh -- and no homework! :)

My boys also had time to:

work on a model railroad
talk to friends on the phone
pick cucumbers in the garden
transplant tomato plants and rearrange the flower pots in the backyard
watch a movie with their 19 year old brother
type on the computer
listen to a Redwall audio book
read a Spiderwick Chronicles book
play Legos
do their chores
play with their cats
snuggle their mama over and over again
hear "I love you" over and over again
eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home

and, most importantly, spend the day with the people who love them the best.

No, I will keep my children here. Sometimes a mother just knows best.


katiesniche said...

You are certainly right there! My daughter is in public school and yesterday they had someone bothering the school, so the school was on lockdown. Scary! I found out about it after she got home. Well, she's in highschool and I tell her we can always homeschool.
I have a 10 month old baby and the more I see, the more I'll be keeping him home with me.
Christian values at home, public schools pull kids away from the family.

Sahamamama said...

We home school here, too. Only my oldest (5) is officially "doing school" this year, but the twins (3) say they want to "do school, too!" They love to learn. They have time to do so many things -- play dolls, play house, help me cook, bake cookies, paint & cut & color, run & play outside in the autumn air & sunshine, bring me a bouquet of dandelions :), simple chores, listen & sing & march to music, snuggle up with me for Read Aloud (after lunch, before nap), and take a NAP every day! Yeah!

They are healthy, well-rested, well-hugged, well-fed, happy, sociable, socialized little girls.

We are so blessed to be able to spend the day with these little treasures, and we can't imagine living any other way.