Here are some fun American History poems


There are also worksheets which accompany them.

Since we are currently studying European explorers, I thought I'd share this poem from that website:

The Columbian Exchange

And to the new found shores, many more would come,
At the outset for treasure, and later for rum.
While those staying home in the Old World nations
Were thrilled, indeed, by these explorations.

Like a sudden sunburst, how their lives did change:
Dinner menus, for one, did it re-arrange.
As ships back to Europe were laden with goods:
Like tomatoes and corn, and potatoes and wood.

Of course, trading back then was still filled with danger,
With the seas deadly rought and pirates no stranger.
-- But one thing is certain: Spanish sailors were daring
In the Age of Exploring and of brave sea-faring.

And what a marvel it was, what a change of pace,
To hear of new peoples and discover new tastes.
Like pineapples and turkeys and the cocoanut frond,
Indeed, goodies galore did now cross “the pond.”

With peppers and spices and tortillas and beans
Soon filling the plates of hungry Europeans.
And while trying new foods and learning new ways
Is not always easy, it adds dash to one’s days.

While oranges, lemons and stalks of sugar cane,
All made their way west-ward from the ports of Spain.
Soon after came horses, came cattle and wine
To shape how the New World would travel and dine.

And The Columbian Exchange, as this became known,
Brought chocolate as well to those Old World homes.
-- It’s a wonder to think and a fright to ponder:
What folks did for a snack before chocolate came yonder?

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