Wow -- Well-Trained Mind Conference

Nathan and I attended the Well-Trained Mind conference in Williamsburg, VA this past weekend. It was fabulous meeting author Susan Wise Bauer and story-teller Jim Weiss. I was also able to hear Mrs. Bauer's mom, Jessie Wise, speak.

Nathan was ecstatic to finally meet Jim. When Nathan held out his hand to shake his, he said, "Big fan." As soon as we returned home, he continued to listen to Wulf the Saxon (narrated by Jim) and then Story of the World Volume 3. I think it was rather nostalgic at that point. Even I felt a little poignant at the hearing of his soothing voice. He really is a great narator/story teller, and if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to him, check your local library or go here: http://www.greathall.com/

I am so proud of him for enduring hours of nothing to do while I listened to Susan and her mom speak. Susan's son was so kind to entertain the children at various times during the conference.

I learned so much from Susan -- particularly about teaching writing and the importance of narration and dictation in teaching how to write. I loved hearing her seminar on literary analysis and felt as though I were in a college English class years ago. She really inspired me to take what I have learned and run with it. When I returned, I placed my order for the newest The Well-Trained Mind.


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Val in the Rose Garden said...

That is WONDERFUL! Meeting the three of them would leave me breathless and inspired. Jim Wiess is such a wonderful reader. He has read many classics as well as the SOTW, and so my kids know his voice really well. His Shakespeare for Kids is great too.

Sounds like a great time!