Oh -- Here's Another I Copied from Cherry Hill Design

This was one of the most fun cards to do. My friend Alaina joined me for a day of card-making, and we both made the same cards.

We had fun scraping the edge of the cardstock with our fingernail, using a background stamp like we had never done before, and smudging the blue chalk ink so that it looked like the sky. Oh, we also colored the monkey with colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits.

As I was trying to adhere the single button on the monkey's square, a torn cuticle dripped a spot of blood onto the card. I fretted for a while and decided to use three buttons instead of one in order to hide the spot (it's under the button in the center pane).

You can see Ashley's card here

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Ashley M said...

Love your take on the monkey card! The extra buttons look great!