New Gardens Slideshow

I just added a slide show of some recent spring pictures of our gardens. The annuals are still rather small, and many of the perennials have not come to bloom yet. The azaleas have faded as well as the candytuft and creeping phlox which I did not get a photo of this year. The peonies are bending over from their top-heaviness, but they still smell divine. I have cut several to fragrance the house, but our cat Maggie toppled over one of the vases. The white and purple salvias are putting on quite a show. I plan to buy more white salvia next year. The centaurea montana and heuchera (coral bells) are in bloom as well. The knock-out roses are truly one of the best plants as their bloom opens early spring and continues on into the winter here. We also love the lamium which drapes around the front yard gum.

This is a great time of the year for the plants, though, because they are receiving plenty of rain and the heat and humidity have not stressed them.

I still have a few pots to plant. I will share our small vegetable garden when the plants have grown more. Our lawn gets very little full sun, so we have a small vegetable garden on the side of our house in a raised bed.

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