A Bittersweet Time of the Year

I have a hard time staying cheerful this time of the year.

First, what I love:

All of the perennials are up and many are blooming. The small veggie garden is planted along with the new annuals. I just love flowers!

So many fruits to choose from -- veggies too. I just love finding cantaloupe for $1.00 and fresh strawberries and raspberries. I love a huge bowl of plain yogurt, several diced fruits, some Truvia (I know, this may not be the best), ground flax seed and wheat germ.

Finishing up our books for the year -- 2nd and 3rd grade this time.

Looking forward to a summer of lots of exercise, organizing, lesson planning, and a little school for good measure.

Now, what I loathe:

I cannot do anything outside without being assaulted by mosquitoes. I hate seeing them resting on Ben's head while sipping away. I hate the welts I get.

I hate sweating. I hate how much I sweat when I'm hot.

I hate humidity -- I am seriously a hygrometer.

I hate worrying about sunburn -- on me and the boys. It's even worse now that I'm taking medication for my rosacea (possible rosacea).

Knowing my husband and son will soon be enduring the miserable heat for the business. They are just awesome! My husband is the best provider, and Aaron is an amazing son!

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