I'm Back

Okay -- that was a big break. I've been going through drawers, closets, rooms, etc. purging after the Christmas festivities. The boys and I went through their toy drawers today, getting rid of some and organizing the rest. Tomorrow we need to organize the Playmobil, and then I think the task will be finished.

I also went shopping. I bought Nathan a couple of Oz posters from the International Wizard of Oz Club (they were supposed to be here by Christmas, but they arrived today). You can order them here:


He was positively thrilled with them since they are maps of the lands of Oz and the surrounding lands.

While at Michaels looking for a frame for the two maps, I happened to see some of the new scrapbooking stuff they've put out. And . . . since I had a gift card, I bought some of the new "Friendly Forest" line:


Janet Bagnall said...

Dawn - I found your site via SCS and am so happy I did - you do beautiful work and know I will visit often. I also went to several of the blogs listed on your site and have them set up on Google Reader as well. Have a great evening.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Just wait till you see what I did with the 'friends of forest' line for Logan's birthday party! :) It is going to be so cute!

Oh and guess what? You inspired me... I made his invites. You gotta come see:


Glad to 'see' you around. :) I missed ya.


Elaine said...

Thanks for the heads up on this line! I bought some of their stickers already!! :) I didn't see stamps so I will have to look at another mikes to see if they carry the stamp elsewhere.