Warning: The Brave Little Toaster Book

Okay. We read Mary Poppins -- long after I had already seen the movie countless times. I have to say, it was a strange book -- strikingly different than the movie. Overall, I have to admit I like the movie more (with the exception of the male-bashing and feminist overtones).

So, this leads me to our next read-aloud -- The Brave Little Toaster. How many of you have seen this lame Disney movie? (it is Disney, is it not?) Totally uninspiring in my opinion, but I saw the book on the library shelf the other day and just KNEW it was going to be a quaint little book that would leave me saying to the boys the old adage: "You know the book is always better than the movie."

Don't waste your time. I waded through a ridiculously lengthy romantic scene between a daisy and the toaster. (eye-roll) Then, I was reading along and came to a word I pronounced as "polish" with a short "o." I then realized the word was capitalized and was shocked to discover that in the middle of this children's book was a joke about Polish people (the joke about the light bulb). I immediately announced we would not be reading that book.

Okay, so we are now reading another Jenny Linsky book -- The Hotel Cat by Esther Holden Averill.


by Val said...

I just read your comment on my near dead homeschool blog, and thought I would drop over and say HI! I have been blogging on this:


blog for a while now... but am thinking about switching. Would you look at both of them and give me your opinion please? I would love a couple honest opinions about the differences. I have no idea if it would make it easier for me or not to switch, but my other blog ( http://goddesshobbies.blogspot.com/ ) is over here...

As I said, I can't make up my mind. I would love opinions.

Hope I don't sound too weird.

I look forward to looking around and conversing with you about our homeschool journey.


by Val said...

Thanks for the comments! Which one did you like better? The one on blogger (white)or the one on HomeSchool Blogger (black)? lol... I know that is totally confusing... but which one do you think looks better/works better? I may keep both for a while and see what works for me. I spent about 2 hours yesterday (I am a 10 minutes at a time computer person) moving the last 5 months of posts over and making sure they all fit right to the blog on blogger. It looks good, but I just don't know.

Do you mind that I am asking you all this stuff? lol!


Anonymous said...

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