Can you guess, I've been cleaning off my desk?

I end up with so very many drawings and other works of art from the boys. What do you do with these things? Right now, they end up in a huge plastic storage box in the garage. I really must do something about this growing mound. I have such a hard time getting rid of anything they make.

So, here is a map Ben traced with a lightbox -- straight out of the Winnie the Pooh book. I thought he did a great job, even considering it was a tracing. He began this project drawing -- not tracing -- but his varied too much from the original and caused him great distress.


Emmy (from wtm board) said...

What a great map - it looks wonderful! Regarding kids artwork. I have a plastic storage box for each child. We place artwork and bulky projects in it after they are displayed for a bit. We just put them on the top of the pile - which leaves us at the end of the year with everything pretty much in backwards chronological order for our school year. At the end of the year, I take everything out and group it by type - usually it will be obvious how to organize it, all the paper plate animals here, all the drawings xyz here (kids go through phases). Then I take a digital picture of each grouping. Sometimes I will take individual digital pics of special or more detailed projects. After that, I have the child go through all of it with me and we choose a bare minimum # of pieces to actually keep. This has worked really well for us in keeping the clutter down. :)

Anonymous said...

Another idea is to take the digital photos, and then make them into a book that the child can also "author". Heritage Makers books are wonderful for this in that you can totally customize each page. lemme know if you want more info about them...although I can't imagine you don't know about them yet since you are so very, incredibly creative.
Catalinakel from the wtm boards