Book Give-Away -- The Borrower's Afield

The Borrower's Afield by Mary Norton

This is the second book in The Borrower's series.

The further adventures of the family of miniature people who, after losing their home under the kitchen floor of an old English house, are forced to move out to the fields.

Leave a comment on any of my blog posts by midnight Sunday night (EST) and you will be entered in a drawing to win this book.


mb said...

I'm late, but I have to say that my dd loved this series and I'm hoping my ds will enjoy it, too.

You have some cute boys, there!

nestof3 said...

You're not late for the drawing. It will actually end in 23 hours. :)

Thank you!

Carrie Thompson said...

I love the Borrower's!

cpullum said...

Haven't read any books from the series would love to read!


Dawn E said...

It's 10:20 here...Did I miss a chance to win? Hope not. :)

Michele said...

Am I in? Dd7 is currently enjoying the 1st Borrowers book.