We finished Jenny and the Cat Club . . .

and have now begun reading Mary Poppins. It's rather pathetic that it was not until I was 35 that I learned the movie was actually based on a book. GASP!

For now, though, let me recommend Esther Averill to you. You will most likely recognize this book, written by her -- The Fire Cat.

Well, you may not know (as I did not) that there were so many wonderful books about Jenny Linsky, a cute black cat with a red scarf, written by the same author and illustrator who was writing in the 40's

We just finished one of these: Jenny and the Cat Club. There are several others which you can read about here:


If your library does not carry these, do not be surprised! Mine did not either, but I requested that they order one, which they did, and I have now recommended others. We'll see. I am certain other patrons will thank you if you can convince your library to carry them. And if not, Amazon does carry them for your home library. I may actually end up ordering them for our own library.

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