Another Give-away

Okay -- this one is for homeschoolers. I'm tired, cranky and just plain over doing it all. So, I decided to give something away. I find a great way to get my eyes off of myself is to direct them to someone else.

So, here is a book I will give to someone who posts a comment on any of my blog posts. I will randomly choose a name tomorrow night (Tuesday) at midnight EST and post the winner on my blog then.

The pages have been removed (I bought it used), but I never ended up using it and don't plan to. I sincerely only ask that if you post to be the winner, you post because you actually want to use it -- not because you want to try to sell it. The resale value isn't high anyway, but I really don't want to choose a poster who is only looking at monetary gain. So please, respect this. Thanks!

Each book of Great Science Adventures includes:
Multilevel teaching for Grades K through 8
24 lessons, with 2-3 lessons completed each week
24 Lots of Science Library Books
Detailed explanation of all activities, letting the teacher get started right away.
Reproducible activities and graphics for student use


Konkadoo said...

Me, me! I want it. I've wanted that for my space nut son for some time but it never made it to the priority spending list. Sadly, his high school older sisters just take all the priority cool curriculum away from him.

Christall said...

My space crazy daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book - and I would love it as well because I'm not so space crazy - which really means I *need* this book.

I think I may take your advice and give something away on my blog... I had one of *those* days and perhaps focusing on something good would pull me out of this funk!

Thanks - Christall

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I've offered unused homeschool materials to other moms and they are always so thrilled. I need to purge again so this will motivate me!
I think the Dinah Zikes books are great too-we are using the Human Body one this year.

Dawn said...

That actually looks like something I've been after for awhile. Well, I guess I'm entered so I hope I win! :D

Ann said...

I've been wanting to try one of this series for a while. And Space is on my list of topics for science this year. Please enter me in the drawing!

Mamita said...

We'd love it and use it as part of our summer studies in 2009!

Jennefer said...

Add me to the list. :) I am having a hard time getting motivated with our science lessons. This looks like just what we need to get jump started!!!

ilovemy6kids said...

Ohhh-we have used another in this series andreslly liked it. THis one sounds really interesting.

Cynthia said...

I was planning on studying space next after our study of zoology, and we would love to have this book to use.