My Wonderful Husband -- Part 2

So, today when I got out of the shower, I asked my husband, "You wouldn't want to do a little project for me, would you?" He answered, "Sure, what?" I asked him if he would make me some rain gutter bookshelves, and he replied, "I love doing things like that." So, off to Home Depot he went.

A little while later, voila! I had the pleasure of loading the shelves. I love doing things like that.

Oh -- I'm also going to throw in pictures of the Ikea-inspired bed my husband also made for the boys. He deserves some bragging on. :) More credit due: my mom made the curtains. [Obviously the other pictures were taken prior to the gutter shelves.]

Directions can be found here:


Paula said...

Those are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

kate said...

John is very handy. The shelves look wonderful.

yhenriques said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I know my dh will want to see these. . . I'll be bookmarking this :)

Great job!