My Wonderful Husband & My Weekend

My husband took the three boys to his parent's home for the weekend leaving me home alone to recharge. They went hiking, canoeing, played in the creek, and so forth. I think this is the third year now that I was given a weekend alone in this manner. It is fabulous to have this time before school starts to just relax and have fun.

So, what did I do?

Friday I rode my bike while finishing up the movie Nancy Drew and starting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. That evening, I made 10 cards. I have been trying to use up leftover card kit scraps and embellishments I've had around forever!

Note: I used my inspiration binder for many of these cards. The "Twinkle Twinkle" and the card with green leaves on a striped background are direct lifts. Many of the other basic sketch designs came from others' card as well.

Saturday morning I met a dear friend, Kathy whom I've been friends with since I was 14), and we attended a Stampin' Up! Open House where I bought 7 retired stamp sets (wahoo!):

So Many Scallops
Tagger's Dozen
Circle of Friendship
Vases in Vogue
So Many Sayings
Linen Background
French Script Background

and a little pack of designer paper, two ink spots, sticker labels (so cute) and a wheel.

I made three cards while we were there.

Saturday night, I made 13 more cards:

Finally, Sunday I made 5 more cards, reorganized my rolls of ribbon, and bought 4 more retired Stampin Up stamps from a craigslist ad:

Sweet on You
Birthday Whimsy

Oh, and I also bought Cornish Heritage Farm's "Polka Dots Backgrounder" and "Reverse Dots Backgrounder," three tiny Anna Griffin and Brenda Walton stamps from the quarter bin, and a set of acrylic castle/knight stamps for 50 cents!

So, I have too much ribbon, and my lack of organization was making it difficult to see what I actually had. John built me this ribbon rack a few years ago to fit inside of the scrapbook station he built me. I decided this rack would hold only my solid and color & white checked ribbon. The patterned ribbon is organized into three photo boxes and two priority mail boxes with one of the large sides cut off. They slide into the top of my craft station like drawers.

My loose ribbon is still stored in bead boxes, wound up into little baggies, with one bead box holding each color family.

So, I'm doing the last of the laundry now and things are pretty much back to normal around here. Thank you again, John, for giving me my peaceful weekend.


DebMc said...

Love the cards! Very fresh and pretty. Much better than the selection in the stores.

I'm curious about your inspiration journal. I'm having a journal page contest at my blog because there are so many neat ways to enhance creativity with a notebook. Care to share how you use yours?

christinemm said...

You are lucky. My DH refuses my begging for a weekend like this.

He sees no need and wants us to all be a family all the time, do everything together. I keep saying well I'm with the kids all the time and a break would be nice.

I found your blog through TWTM board tonight.