My Long-Term Science Goals

Having homeschooled one through high school, I really feel I should have been more organized and purposed in our science plans. Though Aaron did very well in his high school sciences, I wish I would have had a better overall plan through the elementary and middle school years.

With this in mind, I created a plan for Nathan and Ben. Sure, I "may" change my mind somewhere, but if I do, I will at least know the effects of that change on my overall goals. I'll know where the tweaking must take place.

I would like to expose my boys to the major topics in life, earth and physical sciences prior to high school. Even at the elementary level, I try to introduce them to some high school level vocabulary as if the words are just ordinary words. I don't "test" them on these words, of course, but I never want them to fear "big" words.

This plan can also be downloaded in .pdf format here:


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