Had to Share This Great Book List Site!

Have you ever wondered what the OTHER books in a series are? Have you wondered what order they are in? Well, I use this site all the time. Whenever my son (one of them) finds a book he really likes, I go here to see what others are in the same series. This also helps me know what books my library is missing in a series.

My library has been fabulous about ordering most of what I request, especially books in series. I know you will love this site.


While I'm at it, this site lists books that have been made into movies:


To see other book lists I've compiled, just scroll down the left-hand column. This is where I compile my "goodie" lists.

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Gail said...

My dd will love that books-in-series site. She's one who needs to read each book in a series in the correct order. Thanks for sharing -- I've bookmarked it.

(surfed in from WTM forum)