Story of the World Resource Lists

I have finally finished typing up my plans for our completion of Story of the World Volume 2. Most of the work was done on my own with my library website, http://www.amazon.com/ searching, and other searches, so I feel it is okay to share my resources. We are a little off-track, so we plan to finish SOTW Volume 2 this year -- starting with Chapter 15.

I have included in my resource lists http://www.unitedstreaming/ videos, http://www.librivox.org/ free audio recordings, and http://www.mainlesson.com/ (Baldwin Project) resources in addition to books and videos found at most libraries or bookstores.

This first file includes resources for Volume 1, Chapters 1-25.

The second file includes resources we used last year when working through SOTW Volume 1, Chapters 26-42 and SOTW Volume 2, Chapters 1-14.

The third file includes resources we used for SOTW Volume 2, Chapters 15-42.


Chartwell Academy Faculty and Staff said...

Thanks-this is great! I do similar planning and I love to see what resources other people find.

Rhonda said...

I agree with chartwell academy! Hi I just found you on the WTM boards. I really like your planning. I was thinking of doing this same thing. We are a year behind on SOTW and I think this would keep me on track. Thanks

Kristine said...

Thanks, Dawn! Great list! We will be picking up SOTW 2 about 2/3 of the way through in a few weeks.

Kristine from the WTM boards

Rachel said...

Has this link expired? It is not bringing the schedules up. If you still have these available, I would love to have them!

nestof3 said...

I updated them. I have started using a different file website, and I forgot to add these. Thanks for asking.

Pursuing Wisdom said...

I'm listing you with status of Saint due to your assistance in helping me correlate so many of the resources from SOTW2&3 with Heritage History and Librivox public domain stuff. You don't know how grateful I am. Thanks