Ben and Me

I bought some dollar stamps from A C Moore to add to the bean treasure box for the boys. For those of you who don't know what this is, let me explain.

A good friend, Gina, told me about a reward program she used with her children where they racked up points for accomplishing certain tasks and then redeemed them at the family "store" which was comprised of little things here and there that she had bought with the children in mind. So with this inspiration, I began a similar reward program with the younger boys.

When the boys perform their morning work, put their dishes away and perform other chores without being told, they earn a bean (for each activity). Each boy has a jar which contains beans they earn. On a designated day, I open up the "bean treasure box" which contains inexpensive items I've purchased. Items include: stickers, foam art, dollar rubber stamps, candy, and other items I know they'd love. I recently found some cute pirate craft items at Michaels which were quickly chosen on bean redemption day.

So, back to the dollar stamps from A C Moore. I bought several fall/Thanksgiving themed stamps knowing they would be a hit. Ben (who earned the most beans this time around and therefore chose first) "bought" four rubber stamps! I told him I'd make cards with him sometime during the week and he did not forget!

Yesterday evening, we each made two cards. I showed Ben how to ink the stamps and how to stamp (applying firm, even pressure and pulling straight up without rocking). I also taught him about the benefits of matting his stamped image. He stamped the images perfectly! He colored his own images, chose his paper, and decided where to place his items. All I did was cut the elements. His ablility astouned me!

Here are our cards -- his are on the left, mine on the right.


Petunia said...

Wow! I'm impressed. All the cards are gorgeous. Great job!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I love the cards! Your little guy did a great job. I'm going to show my little guy these pics & I just know it'll inspire him!

LisaWA said...

Oh... the cards are great! I get my stuff out and my mind goes blank! Just like the card Im trying to make! lol

I love seeing because that helps get me going. Good job!

Lisa~ (from wtm board)

christinemm said...

My friend did the bean system for 3 years. She learned it on the Sonlight board. I have thought about trying it but so far have not. Let us know how it goes over the long term.