Baptism Sunday

This past Sunday was such a special day for the homechurch fellowship we are a part of. We gathered at one of the family's home for singing, teaching on baptism, baptisms of several children and feasting and fellowship. For me, the most exciting part was having Nathan baptized -- by John even! It was also great having my parents join us; they had heard so much about the families we meet with and I was glad they were able to see where we go almost every Sunday.

John and I had prayed for and hoped for a homechurch while checking out all sorts of churches. There really is nothing quite like it. We really are very thankful to have such a unique and biblical gathering time. These are some of the things I appreciate about it:
  • All of the men have a responsibility in the teaching of others -- not just one person. The burden is shared this way, and it keeps the men in the scripture.
  • The children join in the meeting. This allows the meeting to become a natural thing for them and a place in which they learn to function as they grow. It also eliminates adults missing the meeting to provide special classes for the children.
  • The meeting itself is not evangelistic in purpose -- it is designed to meet the needs of the believers -- just as it should.
  • There is a like-mindedness amongst the families -- a place where we can be sharpened and not distracted.

Here's a slideshow of Nathan being baptized:

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