Story of the World History Timeline Helps

These are sample pictures from my Story of the World Timeline Book. The first is the cover; the other two are sample pages:

Let me first give so much credit to a gracious lady from the Well Trained Mind forum who created these wonderful timeline and memory card resources. You can obtain these from the following link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hannah_hs_helps/

Now, here are the details for the timeline book:

I bought a Watercolor pad, 15x11, Strathmore brand from A C Moore with a 40% coupon for less than $6.00. I chose Watercolor paper because the paper was so much thicker than any of the drawing or sketch book paper (140 lbs). I figured with all of the turning and touching, I wanted it to hold up well. This pad comes with 12 pages, so really 24 sections. Here is a picture of it:

Since far more is known about time periods as they get closer to the present, I spaced my older time periods out differently than the closer. My book only covers SOTW 1 and 2 (through middle ages) because we are finishing SOTW 1 and will complete half of SOTW 2 this year.

Here are my increments:

pg # / Dates
1 4000-3000
2 3000-2000
3 2000-1500
4 1500-1000
5 1000-750
6 750-5000
7 500-250
8 250-0
9 0-100
10-24 from here on out, each page is 100 years.

I'm really funny about all those nines on timeline dates when you start the next section, so I kept them all at zeros. So, one page is 100-200 and the next starts with 200-300. I didn't want it to be 100-199 and 200-299, or anything like that. BC dates are in red while AD dates are in green.

Here is the download link for the timeline book cover and date strips I created in MS Word. These need to be printed on legal paper.

Timeline Book Cover

Timeline Date Strips


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! We are on SOTW 3 and I've not yet gotten a timeline going. I'm trying to start with a similar spiral book. I'm also on Hannah's Helps loop too.

Toni said...

I realize this is an old post - but I am looking to make a timeline such as this for our Story of the World books. Of course, the links are no longer valid - do you know where I can find all of the little pictures and such now? Thanks~!
cheapo dot mcfrugalpants at gmail dot com

LW said...

thanks for sharing this!