My First Post

August is nearing its end, which means another homeschool year begins soon. I have spent the summer purging our belongings and organizing what is left. There's still work to be done, and sure, we still have a bunch crammed in our cozy little home, but junk drawers have actually been eliminated! I am still aiming to simplify.

Most of the summer has been spent planning our school year. Look for updates on curriculum we're using! Links to resources and downloads will be provided as well.

I have also made progress in meal planning. I wrote out dinner ideas on individual index cards which I then placed in an index card file box with dividers separating, for example, soups, casseroles, Mexican, etc. This should help with the mental block I get every time I try to figure out what to have for dinner each week. Feel free to pass along any suggestions or recipes.

Beginning near the end of June, I finally committed to walking on my treadmill six days a week. It is amazing how much better I feel already -- just two months later! Aside from weight loss, I feel I can breathe more deeply and easily, my limbs feel stronger, and all of that sweating has to rid my body of toxins! When school begins, I will have to cut back to an hour a day, but I am so glad I've laid down the pattern over the summer while I have more time.

John and Aaron have been getting home earlier from work -- a much needed change due to the horribly hot and humid weather! I will be providing details of how everyone else has been spending their time once I figure out how to "blog."

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