Mariner's Museum Trip

Well, we finally visited the Mariner's Museum http://www.mariner.org/!

Aaron and I were supposed to visit a few years ago when he was studying the Age of Exploration, but it just didn't happen. We spent most of our time at the "Ironclad Evidence" exhibit, the "Nelson Touch" exhibit and the USS Monitor Center.

The boys loved the interactive video games -- especially designing a seaworthy ship and sea combat simulation. We also watched a fascinating video reenactment of the Battle of Hampton Roads in the "Battle Theater." You can learn more the Monitor in this interactive tour: http://www.monitorcenter.org/.

Aaron was able to learn more about Lord Horatio Nelson -- he is currently writing a history research paper about a national hero of Great Britain, and he chose Nelson.

While touring the living quarters of the sailors, Nathan determined his favorite room was the apothecary. A docent was quite impressed that he knew what an apothecary was! When I pointed out a bust to him, he was near tears in recognizing the man to be John Paul Jones -- one of Nathan's most admired historical figures.

Though the day proved to be a little too much for Ben, he loved the interactive video games (shocking, eh?) and enjoyed eating out twice in one day!

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